HARSHVARDHAN INVESTMENTS or HINCON, as we are popularly known in the trade was created in 1984.  We are located in Mumbai, India and we are the oldest enterprise in INDIA that buys and sells unquoted or unlisted securities.  Spearheaded by Mr. Mahendra Wadhwani and his daughter Lavanya it is a unique financial business that promises to serve investors.

Our aim is to serve investors who find it difficult to dispose off shares and debentures which are not traded on any of the stock exchanges. Out of more than 9,000 companies in India that have raised capital and debt from the market, only about 3,000 are traded on the stock exchanges presently. When it comes to small companies the Indian Stock Markets are not quite liquid. This is where we step in and offer a unique exit route to investors who are stuck with large quantities of securities that they cannot sell.
As a service to the investor community we offer:
Fair pricing
Advance payment
Instant liquidity
Valuation help
Exit route in physical shares
We are extremely honest and transparent in our dealings. The valuations are fair and carried out after due diligence by our experienced team of analysts. Further, you are free to contact us for queries and problems.
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